As you have probably gathered by now, My name is Chris and I work in Education…

I have worked in all kinds of education focussed roles including teacher, faculty head, education consultant, professional development facilitator, postgraduate lecturer, writer, speaker and sweeper-upper. These roles have seen me work across 4 continents for government departments, schools, tertiary and higher education institutions, businesses and non-profit organisations.

I have a wide range of experiences and expertise in areas as diverse as curriculum development, using ed-tech to redefine teaching and learning, science education, interdisciplinary teaching and learning (STEM/STEAM and other lovely acronym goodness!), leadership in unpredictable and complex environments (all schools fit here), developing real-world learning opportunities within school curricula, promoting entrepreneurial learning (particularly with a social focus) and I even spent time working in formative assessment consultancy.

I have been fortunate enough to be recognised with a number of awards and scholarships for my work in developing future-oriented learning opportunities for students. These awards include national and International awards including being named Microsoft’s Global Innovative Educator in 2011.

More recently I was a founding member of The Mind Lab by Unitec. The work of this team received a number of accolades including 1st prize in the Social Innovation category at The New Zealand Innovators Awards in 2014.


I recently left my position at The Mind Lab by Unitec to pursue a number of projects. While most of my time is spent providing professional development facilitation and ongoing consultancy to schools, I am also working with a small number of education focussed social enterprises and non-profits.

Over the years I have found myself spending more and more time writing for publications such as journals and magazines and also reviewing academic journal contributions for The Journal of Science Communication. I am also a regular speaker at a wide range of events with both education and wider focusses.  Over the last few years I have been an invited or key note speaker at events including TEDx, ULearn, Google’s Computer Science for High School’s, and the National Association of Scientists conference.

I am also a thirty-something fella who is married to a lovely Kiwi lady (Katie) and is “Daddo” to my amazing daughter Louisa.

I love being outside and plan to be there more in the future. I like making things, tinkering with electronics and thinking about using code to make things “think”. I originally hail from Nottinghamshire in the UK but have been NZ-based for the last 11 years.

Please get in touch if you would like to chat or you think I may be able to help with something you are thinking about or working on. Specific areas of expertise include:


  • 21st century pedagogies,
  • STEM education, maker education,
  • real-world learning,
  • educational leadership,
  • entrepreneurial thinking,  
  • online and flipped learning,
  • formative assessment, and
  • complexity theory.