I realise the APA is a bit over the top but this was a requirement when I originally made the list… Hope you enjoy it!

Speaking engagements

  • Invited to speak at TEDx Christchurch. I spoke about the importance of discovery in education (www.tedxtalks.ted.com/video/Bringing-Discovery-Back-Into-Ed)
  • Special Guest on Kathryn Ryan’s Nine-to-Noon show on Radio New Zealand
  • Invited speaker at the 2014 Annual Conference of New Zealand’s Association of Scientists
  • Invited speaker at Microsoft’s Virtual University online events during 2011
  • Invited speaker for The Smithsonian Institute’s Online SHOUT STEM seminar series in 2011/12
  • Invited speaker at The New Zealand First Time Principals Conference in 2012
  • Invited speaker at the 2013 ASB E-learning Forum
  • Invited Keynote speaker at the 2012 Microsoft in Schools Conference
  • Invited Keynote speaker at Google’s 2014 Computer Science for High Schools Conference
  • Invited Spotlight Speaker at U-Learn 2014.


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  • Doctoral research into educational system transformation from a complexity theory perspective. This project is involving a number of initiatives designed to disrupt teacher thinking around the purpose of education.
  • Advisory Board member for NZ-based social enterprise The Learning Collaborative.
  • Development of the Educational Innovation LEAN Canvas – a document to facilitate the development and implementation of novel educational practices.
  • Start-up Weekend NZ. In 2013 I worked as a mentor at events in Auckland and Wellington. This involved supporting the development of start-up enterprises and study this approach to entrepreneurial education. (http://wellington.startupweekend.org/events/sw-wellington-august-29-2014/)
  • Education advisor to the Smithsonian Institute, USA. This role has a specific focus on developing the SHOUT project



  • Presenter on Microsoft Virtual University, December 2011.

  • Working alongside teachers at the Ndururuno Secondary School, Nairobi, Kenya. This project aims to help children living in a slum engage with learning experiences on local and global scales.