I live in Auckland, New Zealand and have focussed my entire career helping teams maximise their collective potential to create and test new ideas.

Whilst I have worked in a diverse range of sectors, my current work is mostly influenced through my previous life as a school teacher. Whilst teaching high school science, I began to develop ways to help individuals benefit from the collective intelligence and experiences of the classroom communities to which they belonged. I began to explore ways that I could teach my class as if I were interacting with an ecosystem rather than working with a set of individuals.

This work was recognised with a number of awards including being named Global Innovative Educator of the year by Microsoft in 2011. By 2013 I had left the classroom and became the founding Education Director of a successful education start-up. A few years later I founded Education-Unleashed and have since been focussing my efforts on helping a wide range of organisations take a participative and collective approach to knowledge building, problem solving and strategy.

This site has been created in order to provide an overview of the value that I provide the people and project with which I work. In addition to my consultancy and advisory work I am also a skilled communicator and often provide keynote talks for audiences around the world including a talk on the TEDx stage in Christchurch, NZ. Recently I also became a guest presenter for New Zealand’s state TV Broadcaster, TVNZ.

In addition to being the founder and Director of Education Unleashed I am also:

  • A Partner and Director of We Create Futures;
  • A faculty member of Boma NZ; and
  • Founder of futures thinking initiative BrightSpots.
  • The Director of Futures Thinking at Diocesan School for Girls.

I am always interested to consider new collaborations so please drop me a line if you would like a chat.